Aristotle University Racing Team Electric, also known as Aristurtle, is the student research team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, that designs, develops and builds electric race cars. The team operates under the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and consists of undergraduate students from various fields, ranging from Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering to Physics and Economics. Working under the pressure of demanding deadlines, the team’s members are faced against tasks that require full use of their theoretical and practical abilities in order to be addressed successfully. Through their involvement with Aristurtle, students can broaden their academic knowledge, learn to work and co-operate in a structured environment, and gain unmatched experiences and skills for life. 

Responsible for representing the team in the academic community is Minas Alexiadis – Assistant Professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Aristotle University. The construction of our electric race cars is being executed in accordance with the rules and standards laid out by Formula Student. The construction process is supervised by three Electrical System Advisors, PhD students in the Electrical Machines Laboratory of the Department. The Team is divided into 8 Subgroups that work on different parts of the vehicle and collaborate jointly according to their needs. The Team Captain is responsible for coordinating all the Subgroups in order to deliver a unified impeccably operating result.

Aristurtle’s purpose is to design, develop and build top-tier electric race cars and compete in international Formula Student competitions against academic institutions from all around the world. 

Aristurtle’s vision is  to contribute in the research around innovative technologies and to promote electric mobility in Greece and abroad, by materializing high-level pioneering products.

Why support Aristurtle?

Autonomous – We are on track to create the first Autonomous / Driverless Electric race car in the Balkan region.

Research – Aristurtle is a team that fosters research on cutting-edge technologies and  empowers young engineers to innovate.

Initiative – Back in 2013, we built the first electric race car in Northern Greece. Aristurtle is a pioneering team in the field of electric mobility and is driven solely by the will of its members.

Sustainability – Our commitment to safeguarding the environment is something we actively prove every day. Raising public awareness for Electric and Autonomous mobility is our main focus.

Track record – Our team has had an unparalleled course in the Formula Student competitions it has participated. Our performance is improving exponentially.   

Unity – We believe in long-lasting relationships. By supporting our work, you become part of our ever-growing family.

Return – Aristurtle’s sponsorship program offers strategic promotion solutions to all of its sponsors by creating unique, stimulative content. By leveraging our exposure on mass and social media, we are able to create value for our sponsors that exceeds the amount of their contribution.

Talent – Our team members are exceptionally skilled individuals and we constantly strive to contribute to each and every one’s personal development and cultivation. 

Learning – We provide engineering students with hands-on practical experience by bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Excellence – Aristurtle is the Greek Electric Vehicle Formula Student team with the most participations and distinctions in international FSAE competitions. 


In Formula Student Czech Republic, our team ranked 4th overall in the electric category, having finished the Endurance & Efficiency event. We also managed to be once again in the Business Plan Presentation finals. Moreover, we ranked 4th in the Autocross, 5th in the Skidpad and Acceleration.

In Formula Student East in Hungary 2018, one of the most challenging competitions, our team ranked 5th overall in the Electric Vehicle category with its proudest achievement being the 4th place in Endurance & Efficiency event.

Our team participated in Formula SAE Italy for the second consecutive year and managed to take the 5th place in the overall ranking of 22 Electric Vehicles winning 1st place in Business Plan Presentation and receiving the Most Friendly Team award. Moreover, it ranked 5th in the Autocross, 5th in the Acceleration and 7th in the Skidpad events.

In Formula Student Hungary 2017, the team was ranked 5th in the Dynamic Events in the electric category.

In 2017 we competed, Formula Student Germany, the largest and most demanding Formula Student competition in the world. Our highlight of the competition was completing the most demanding race, the Endurance & Efficiency event. This was only achieved by 12 teams out of the 35 that participated.

In 2017, having already completed its second race car, Eve, the team participated in ATA Italy 2017 and achieved the 3rd place in the Business Plan Presentation Event finals. Aristurtle came 6th in the Design Event, 12th in the Cost Event, 6th in Autocross, 7th in Acceleration and 8th in Skidpad.

In the summer of 2016, Aristurtle competed for the first time in Class 1, with a fully functional race car, Electra. The team made it to the finals of the Business Plan Presentation where it ranked 5th.

In 2015, Aristurtle competed in the Class 2 of Formula Student UK, in Silverstone, with race car design documents and some parts manufactured. The team finished 2nd in the Cost Event and 3rd in the overall ranking.

In 2014, the team participated in its first-ever competition, this being Formula Student Italy ATA. Aristurtle competed in Class 3 and achieved the 3rd position in the Cost Analysis event and the 4th in the overall ranking.


The team’s workplace is located in the heart of the Aristotle University campus, in the premises of the Polytechnic School, and is called “Ikiskos” from οἰκέω (oikéō, “I inhabit”). It consists of three prefabricated cabins and an office that the team members use on a regular basis. A great deal of research and construction that goes into our race cars takes place in Ikiskos, therefore, we do our best at keeping it in top shape, for ourselves and for future generations of Aristurtle engineers. From the inception of our first car, Electra, to the creation of our newest one, Nemesis, Ikiskos has always been the place where the mind meets the tool.