Thetis. Nymph of water. Daughter of gods. Mother of heroes. Object of desire, clash and contradiction. Aristurtle pays tribute to the muyth of Thetis by bringing her essence to life with the newest edition of its race car. Thetis’ winning attitude enables her to establish her dominance even against theoretically superior rivals while advanced engineering bring unprecedented vehicle dynamics and record-breaking performance in Aristurtle’s most successful package to date. Award-winning achievements and international podium finishes over the 2018 – 2019 racing season have solidified Thetis’ own place in history.

  • Conventional Reducer
  • 2x Electric Motors 55kW
  • ECU dSpace Microautobox II
  • ECU Tuning Wireless (WLAN)
  • Analog Communication
  • Ohlins Dampers (Suspension)
  • 240 Kg