The sub-team of suspension has as its object to design and develop the suspension system as well as the braking, steering and drivetrain systems and the analysis of the vehicles dynamic behavior. The main goal is to improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle and its drivability as well as to guarantee the safety of the driver. The research begins with the study and analysis of the dynamic behavior of the tires and then with the design of the suspension geometry. Meanwhile, members of suspension sub-group design and optimize structural components of the system such as the wishbones, uprights, hubs etc as well as the drivetrain system which includes the planetary gear sets, semi-axles and bell housings. The design procedure, also, includes the design of the disc rotors and other structural components of the braking system and also the steering column, rack and pinion as well as the geometry of the steering system. The research and development of all the subsystems is always carried out with the best achievable dynamic performance of the vehicle with cooperation of aerodynamics department which helps to improve the performance on track.


Suspension Corpus