Aristotle University Racing Team Electric & Driverless- Aristurtle is recruiting!

Are you interested in motor sports and electromobility?
Do you want to take part in the biggest student competition in the world?
Do you want to help organize and promote a Formula Student team?
Aristurtle is looking for you!
With your enthusiasm, hard work and creativity you can participate in the development of an Electric & Driverless Formula Racecar. You will live the unique experience of dealing with cutting-edge technologies in a professionally structured environment.

Mechanical Department

Aristurtle’s Mechanical Department main role is to design and manufacture every structural and dynamic components the vehicle consists of, in addition with plugging in those, into the car. Specifically, department’s members have to design the monocoque frame of the car accomondating driver’s safety and comfortability ,and at the same time they are in charge for vehicle’s overall assembly ,configurating it in a way that every structural component works appropriate and in a normal form. Designing sub-team’s project is to design every mechanical part of the vehicle in tandem with checking its durability with the last step being that every part will be well constructed. Another work for mechanical team members is to embed to the vehicle every autonomous system’s elements such as sensors and actuators. Last, Drivetrain sub-team have to study and design every motor-transfer subsystem in order to increase the maximum power transaction from the electrical engines to the wheels. These are connected and controlled by the Suspension, which goals are to improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle and its drivability. These goals are accomplished by designing suspension geometry proper for the racecar tires and tuning of the suspension stiffness and dampening. Last, the Aerodynamics sub-team deals with the airflow of the racecar. The main goals of the sub-team are to minimize the air resistance, while increase the tire grip through downforce. These are achieved by designing and developing through CFD analysis the aerodynamic package.

Electrical Department

Electrical team members are in charge of the High-Low Voltage Systems of the car and also have leading roles in developing the algorithms for the autonomous systems. Especially, the High Voltage subteam members are working with vehicle’s battery behavior and more specific they design battery’s cage ,develop the appropriate system models for more efficient power transfer and less power loss. In they same time they examine car’s thermal analyses and inspect its motor engine. Low Voltage team member’s work is to check vehicle’s sensors ,design and develop electrical circuit boards and also set vehicle’s wiring. Autonomous system subteam develops environment recognition programs, real-time status of the car and in addition to that they devise optimal regulation algorithms.

Operations Department

Operation’s Department main occupation is to organize every team’s engineering department but most important sub-team members are responsible of beautifying team’s public image for a greater team’s representaion. Leading aim of operation’s department members is to find economical resources in order to improve team’s economical status , use Social Media applications and taking place in events and exhibitions so that they promote team’s project .In addition to that, another department’s role is to create a social identification for the team ,and a graphical expression in order to present team’s personality. Graphic Design department’s sub-team manage to do that by styling either team’s website and social media or creating posters and videos exhibiting the team. Last , department’s protagonist aim is to achieve awards to every static events the competitions concludes, such as Business Plan Presentation.