Aristotle University Racing Team Electric & Driverless- Aristurtle is recruiting!

Are you interested in motor sports and electromobility?
Do you want to take part in the biggest student competition in the world?
Do you want to help organize and promote a Formula Student team?
Aristurtle is looking for you!
With your enthusiasm, hard work and creativity you can participate in the development of an Electric & Driverless Formula Racecar. You will live the unique experience of dealing with cutting-edge technologies in a professionally structured environment.

Mechanical Department

Aristurtle’s Mechanical Department is tasked with the design and construction of all the structural and dynamic subsystems of the single-seater car, as well as their integration into the vehicle. More specifically, the Frame & Body subteam takes on the responsibility of designing the car’s monocoque chassis, ensuring the driver’s ergonomics and safety. They are also responsible for the Overall Vehicle Assembly, ensuring seamless integration of all other systems. The Mechanical Design subteam focuses on designing individual mechanical components, studying their durability and ensuring the quality of their construction. They also handle the integration of actuators and sensors for the autonomous system. The Drivetrain subteam undertakes the study and design of the powertrain system, aiming for optimal power transfer from the electric motors to the wheels. This system is then connected and controlled by the Suspension subteam. Their goal is to enhance the car’s dynamic performance and drivability. To achieve this, they study and design the suspension geometry tailored to the car’s tires and fine-tune the stiffness and damping of the system. Finally, the Aerodynamics subteam delves into the study of airflow around the single-seater car. Their objectives are to minimize aerodynamic drag while increasing tire grip through downforce. They employ CFD analysis to design and analyze the aerodynamic package, achieving optimal performance.

Electrical Department

The Electrical Department is responsible for the car’s High and Low Voltage Systems, the Autonomous System, and provides general IT support to the team. The High Voltage subteam focuses on the behavior of the car’s batteries, specifically designing the battery cage and developing appropriate models for more efficient power transfer with less power loss. They also work on the car’s powertrain, comprised of the inverters and electric motors. The Low Voltage team members are responsible for the the car’s sensors, design and develop electrical circuit boards, program microcontrollers for various purposes and set up the car’s wiring. The Autonomous System subteam develops software for recognizing the environment and the car’s state in real time, as well as designs optimal control algorithms. Finally, the Informatics subteam is responsible for continuously improving and enriching the team’s website with new features and content. They also manage the team’s servers, computers, and network, and develop applications for visualizing data, improving workflow, and aiding the team’s endeavors in general.

Operations Department

The Operations Department’s main focus is to best represent Aristurtle, overseeing the entire project’s organization and image. Key objectives are securing financial resources and promoting the team and its collaborators effectively. They achieve this through social media engagement and participation in exhibitions, events, and university initiatives.

Another crucial role of the Operations Department is creating a strong social identity for the team. They achieve this “graphical expression” through graphic design, shaping the team’s style across their website, social media, and promotional materials like posters and videos.

Finally, the Operations Department strives for high performance in one of the three static competitions – the Business Plan Presentation.