Iris. the evolutionary. In mythology, Iris was the messenger of the Gods. In our reality, Iris is Aristurtle’s third electric race car. The similarity between the two? Speed. “Golden-winged”, “swift-footed” and “storm-swift” are only a few of the epithets that Iris has; both in mythical and mechanical form. 

  • Monocoque Aluminum Frame
  • Planetary Gear System
  • 2x Electric Motors 55kW
  • ECU dSpace Microautobox II
  • ECU Tuning Wireless (WLAN)
  • CAN Protocol (Digital Communication)
  • Electronic Differential with 8 settings
  • Carbon Fiber Aerodynamics Package
  • Ohlins Dampers (Suspension)
  • Drag Reduction System (DRS)
  • 259 kg



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