The electric system of the vehicle is consisted of two separate systems, the tractive system (TS) and the grounded low voltage system. The High Voltage sub-team studies the motor controllers – the inverters – and the electric motors and and aims to optimally integrate them in the vehicle taking into account factors such as efficiency, weight, reliability, robustness and electrical insulation – safety. In addition, this sub-team designs and develops the battery box and makes decisions regarding to the main energy source of the car – the batteries. Due to the hazardous nature of high voltage, only trained team members are allowed in proximity to the car, when it’s fully charged and in ready-to-drive condition.

Koseoglou Sokratis High Voltage Chief

Dimitrakopoulos Nikos Inverter & Cooling

Panagiotides Iordanis Battery Analysis

Xatzis Kostis Accumulator Assembly

Gisis Alexandros Electric Powertrain

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