Eve; the game-changer. She was the one who set the standards for our team’s future race car philosophy. Aluminum monocoque chassis, planetary gearboxes, carbon aerodynamic package, suspension setup;  they were all implemented for the first time in Eve. Eve set the foundation for Aristurtle’s success on the track and her influence is still present in every subsequent Aristurtle race car. This is why she was named after the goddess of youth.

  • Monocoque Aluminum Frame
  • Planetary Gear System
  • 2x Electric Motors 55kW
  • ECU dSpace Microautobox II
  • ECU Tuning Wireless (WLAN)
  • CAN Protocol (Digital Communication)
  • Electronic Differential with 8 settings
  • Carbon Fiber Aerodynamics Package
  • Ohlins Dampers (Suspension)
  • 299 kg