Electric Vehicle

In 2013, a small number of undergraduate students from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki founded Aristurtle with the vision of creating a single-seat race car that run solely on electricity. Three years later, they managed to turn their vision into reality by creating Electra, the first electric race car in Northern Greece. 

Why electric? At Aristurtle, we believe that if something is worth making, it is also worth preserving. This is why achieving sustainability has been the number one issue in our agenda since day one. By creating a new electric race car every year, we are constantly emphasizing on the effects of electricity in creating modern and eco-friendly mobility solutions. After constructing four electric race cars, we consider ourselves to be Ambassadors of Electromobility, raising awareness and bridging the perceptual gap of citizens regarding the future of mobility. 

Our team has always embraced innovation and closely follows the footsteps of global trend-setters while aiming to evaluate, develop and integrate the newest technological advancements in its work.

adminelectric vehicle