After electromobility, autonomous driving features are the next major advancement in the automotive industry. 

Aristurtle was the first Greek FS team to announce its commitment towards the creation of a driverless vehicle, in March 2019. So far our research has been fruitful and we are on track to become the creators of the first autonomous race car in the Balkan region. Through extensive simulations and testing we have managed to enrich the way in which humans interact with our machines and expand the boundaries of engineering while acting with the utmost ethical responsibility.

In October 2019, Formula Student Germany (FSG), the largest and most prestigious FSAE competition globally, announced that by 2022 all teams will compete in a single class which will consist solely of vehicles with electric powertrain and autonomous features. This announcement confirmed the validity of our strategic decision to introduce our Autonomous System and verified our long-term investment on electric power. Always, our work is conducted in compliance with industry standards and best practices and is set to satisfy Formula Student Germany requirements for driverless in the near future.

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