The Autonomous System (AS) sub-team is responsible for all aspects that make our vehicle driverless. The AS members develop the software and set the hardware (i.e. sensors, actuators etc.) that in combination enable our race car to operate autonomously – without a driver. Through a set of sensors and cameras, the vehicle gathers location data from its external environment, interprets them using machine learning algorithms, plans its path accordingly and actuates the pedals and the steering wheel through dynamic control.  Specific areas of interest of this sub-team include path planning, machine learning and machine vision, odometry, localization among others. 

Vafiadis George Autonomous System Chief

Tirovouzis Thodoris Dynamic Simulations & Integration

Petrides Pericles Machine Learning & Computer Vision

Panagiotou Alexandros Actuators & Odometry

Nikolis George Sensor Fusion & Localization

Kotarelas Nick Path Planning & Perception

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