Protergia x Aristurtle aka Aristurtle powered by Protergia: Innovating Together

In order for Aristurtle to achieve its goals, the help of assistants in the work of the team is always welcome, who can, through the support they provide, give their own impetus. Protergia, the Electricity and Natural Gas Division of MYTILINEOS, provides its own energy to the new car, as it  is the exclusive premium sponsor of the team.

For Protergia, working with Aristurtle is an opportunity to contribute to development cutting-edge technologies, and at the same time to help team members succeed in bringing the next innovation in electric and autonomous driving. Protergia’s vision is to innovate in electricity generation. Aristurtle’s vision is innovation in electric propulsion. A common factor in Protergia x Aristurtle is the innovation in electricity.

When electricity meets automotive: Protergia and Aristurtle usher in a new era in the electric vehicle industry. After all, the words innovation and evolution are keywords for both Protergia and Aristurtle.

In addition, Protergia has already paved its own path in electric propulsion, as it is distinguished for its pioneering and innovative spirit. Thus, it has proceeded to the installation of four electric vehicle recharging stations at its headquarters, with the ultimate goal of the gradual electrification of its corporate fleet. At the same time, has started to create its own network of recharging points through the installation of chargers in more than 50 locations throughout Greece and has created combined ‘green’ products for electricity supply & charger subsidy to owners of electric vehicles.


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