Aristotle University Racing Team Electric & Driverless

Aristotle University Racing Team Electric & Driverless, also known as Aristurtle, is the student research team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, that designs, develops and builds electric race cars. Our vision is to contribute in the research around innovative technologies and to promote electric mobility in Greece and abroad, by materializing high-level pioneering products.




Apply here for the 2024 – 2025 racing season.

Why support Aristurtle?

Autonomous – We have created the first Autonomous / Driverless Electric race car in the Balkan region.

Research – Aristurtle is a team that fosters research on cutting-edge technologies and  empowers young engineers to innovate.

Initiative – Back in 2013, we built the first electric race car in Northern Greece. Aristurtle is a pioneering team in the field of electric mobility and is driven solely by the will of its members.

Sustainability – Our commitment to safeguarding the environment is something we actively prove every day. Raising public awareness for Electric and Autonomous mobility is our main focus.

Track record – Our team has had an unparalleled course in the Formula Student competitions it has participated. Our performance is improving exponentially.   

Unity – We believe in long-lasting relationships. By supporting our work, you become part of our ever-growing family.

Return – Aristurtle’s sponsorship program offers strategic promotion solutions to all of its sponsors by creating unique, stimulative content. By leveraging our exposure on mass and social media, we are able to create value for our sponsors that exceeds the amount of their contribution.

Talent – Our team members are exceptionally skilled individuals and we constantly strive to contribute to each and every one’s personal development and cultivation. 

Learning – We provide engineering students with hands-on practical experience by bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Excellence – Aristurtle is the Greek Electric Vehicle Formula Student team with the most participations and distinctions in international FSAE competitions.